Found a Lost Pet?

So you've found a pup and you don't know what to do. Follow this list and hopefully we can help you get that furry critter a warm bed and a hearty meal.

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Here's What To Do If You Find A Lost Animal

First things first. Don't Panic!

When Rescuing:

1 - Approach them slowly.  You don't know what is on their mind or what they've been through.  They are most likely very scared and don't trust you.

2 - If you have snacks or cheeseburgers this works well.  Do not jut go up to them to give them the treat.  Break off a piece and toss it to them.  Earn their trust that you aren't just going to rush in and grab them.

3 - If you are in a busy traffic area be very careful not to get too close to soon.  You don't want them running out into traffic.

4 - With each piece of the treat get a little closer, always speaking softly and lovingly.

5 - Judge their demeanor.  You don't want to reach out and grab them or pet them.  If they are still frightened they may try to bite.

6 - When you get close enough have a leash at the ready.  We have found that if you put the link end through the hand loop it can make a good lasso.

7 - SLOW AND STEADY Don't just toss the leash around their neck.  You've gotten them to trust that you wont grab them so try to softly get the loop of the leash around their neck, then slowly close the loop so then you have control.

8 - Gently lead them away from their spot and to your car.  You may try placing some treats inside the car to get them to come with you.

Once Rescued:

If they have a collar and tags then hopefully there is a phone number you can call.  If not:

1 - First and foremost take them to the vet.  All vets should have a chip reader and hopefully this pup has one.  If so the vet will take call the owner and inform them that their pet has been found and the vet will take possession of the dog and hand them over to the owner.

2 - If they don't have a chip then you will have to take the dog home with you.

3 - Call K911 ResQ and let us know what you have found.

4 - Take a bunch of pictures and send them to us.  We will post the pictures on our website and on other lost and found websites.

5 - Post their picture to LostAndFoundPawsInLosAngelesMetroArea. This is a place to start.

Other websites to post on:

Finding Rover

Lost Dog

Paw Boost Los & Found

Lost Found Pets US

Many of these sites send information to local vets which then print out the flyer's for their customers to see.  Who knows, one of these vets may be that dogs doctor and may recognize them.

6 - K911 ResQ will try to get one of our fosters to come pick up the dog and hold them until we either find its family or a new home.

7 - if the dog is in need of medical attention please inform us immediately and we will take care of it.

8 - In the case that we do not have a foster currently available we ask that you help out and just take care of it until we can get someone to come and get them.

Fostering is a rewarding thing.  Many times we foster animals only for a short time but find that we can not part with the animal and we end up keeping them.  The dog will be forever grateful for your love and hospitality.  Keep them warm and fed and we will help in any way possible.

If you find that you wish to help us foster please visit our FOSTER PAGE and sign up today!