Looking to become a foster? We need you, and they need you.

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100% of your donation goes to help the animals that we rescue. This usually means paying medical bills, but it also means getting much needed supplies!

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We take fostering very seriously and vet every potential family. If you are interested please start by filling out the attached form.

Being a Foster Parent

We always need fosters!  There are just so many animals that need saving but we all don't have a wonderful ranch with hundreds of acres to let all the dogs roam free.  We would love that but at this point we need fosters, and a lot of them!  Some animals need special attention, some just need your love and care.  A foster is not a thing to go into lightly.  You need to be able to take care of the animals and keep them from harm, make sure they are fed and warm and LOVED.  There are times when they need to go to the vet or go to an adoption event.  We will need you to bring them to those places.  K911 ResQ will take care of the financial responsibility but we need places for these wonderful critters to stay for just a short time, hopefully, until a family comes along and adopts them.


All medical expenses are provided for our fosters by K911 ResQ. Also, a network of volunteers to support if you need a day of dog sitting or a bit of dog management advice will be available. We ask our foster homes to provide good quality dry kibble for the foster animals in their home and to maintain flea/tick protection. (These expenses may be tax deductible). We will search for a responsible, well matched adopter for your foster dog, and we invite you to be as involved in that process as you wish to be.

If you are ready to foster one of our animals and provide a life saving service to an animal in need, please fill out our Foster Application.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for even considering this.  They need you!

*We take bullying and hate speech very seriously. Every single one of our animals is placed within a home that we feel is the best fit for their personality and temperament. We do so without regards to gender, religion, political stance, marital status or sexual preference. Further, if we discover that a person or family is being harassed, or we personally are harassed for our decision, we will remove that person from ever having the option to foster or adopt from us.