Our Success Stories

We love happy endings, and knowing that they have a loving home and second chance is all we need.

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Survivor was found on the side of the road with her head crushed into the pavement. She is a one year old pup and a good samaritan brought her to the shelter, who then contacted K911 ResQ to get her. She had over 30 fractures in her nasal cavity, both eye orbits were shattered and she had to have surgery to remove one eye. She has a permanent breathing issue which specialists do not want to operate on because of the trauma she has been through, so she will be on permanent medication.


Bambi was also rescued from North Central animal shelter. She had a paw that was broken in half for over five months and it just flapped. She is fostered by our founder Sabrina, who decided to have her leg repaired. with alot of vet visits and rehab, her leg was attached and now she runs. She also loves to dance.


Peanut was pulled from North Central Animal Shelter. She had been hit by a car and in the Shelter with a broken hip for over a month. We rehabbed her and she now lives up in Sacramento with her fur brother and human brother.


Wiley was pulled from Riverside animal shelter. He was very sick. Severe Kidney failure. He went into foster with Candy and Perris and enjoyed the rest of his days. He was very old but that didn't stop him from lounging at the pool.


Apollo was dumped at Cosmic Brewery late at night with a broken jaw and a chopped up tail. Our foster Christina wound up adopting him and he lives with his brother Scrappy.


Teddy was found roaming the streets. He was fostered while we attempted to find his owners. After several months of looking, no one came forward. He is currently living with his foster who decided to adopt him.


Stout was surrendered to us because he was kept in a cage literally cooking in the sun.  He now lives with his brother Odie. His family came to Cosmic Brewery and it was love at first site. They were drinking a stout when they met him.


Splinter was a kitten that was stuck under Sabrina and Chris house. His mom had a litter and moved all of them and left splinter behind. It took 19 splinters ( hence the name) to catch him under the deck. He ALSO lives with an amazing family that came to get a beer at Cosmic and it was love at first sight.


Marty was pulled from Carson Shelter. He was a senior and in bad shape.  He was adopted by a wonderful family who took him on an amazing road trip around the united states.


While Sabrina was at work late one evening, a kitten ran across her feet dragging its back end. She was 6 weeks old and the neighborhood kids had shot her with pellet guns. She had so many pellets in her little body that she was paralyzed from it. She was adopted by her foster. Her foster is extremely experienced and has to express her bladder several times a day. She gets around in a drag bag.


Bella was a pitbull, found in the streets. She was nursing puppies. We had a large team day after day walk her around to see if she would lead us to her puppies. she never did. It was assumed that a breeder bred her, took her puppies and dumped her. She was in very bad shape, had bites everywhere. She is now living with an amazing family with a little girl and 3 pitbull siblings.


Brewski's family didn’t want him anymore and was adopted by one of Sabrina's childhood friends and is living it up.


Poppyseed was a one year old chihuahua that was kept in a cage 7 days a week 23 hours a day. She was extremely emaciated and neglected. We fattened her up and her fosters also fell in love. They officially adopted her and she ALSO travels the world. She's been to Yosemite, Seattle, Big Bear, Lake Tahoe, and the Golden Gate  Bridge in San Francisco.


Tooth was a 19 year old pooch found as a stray and wound up at the shelter. His family never came for him. He is  still thriving with his family enjoying so much love and food.


Luna now Shatki was rescued from north central animal shelter. She was the pomeranian that was crying so sad in her cage. She now is living it up and has her own instagram page. Her owner takes her everywhere and spoils her so much.


Willow, originally Katie, from Carson was blind and deaf and old. She was also fostered by Candy and Perris. Willow needed ear canal surgery on both ears because her prior owners never took her to the vet for ear infections so her ear canals became calcified and caused hearing loss. She has now been adopted by Candy and Perris and loves life.


Raven is being fostered by Cami and Lenny. She was rescued from North Central as well and was extremely emaciated and was attacked by a coyote or other animal. She also had a very expensive surgery to remove a mammary tumor. She got his tumor because she was never spayed. She is still looking for her forever home.


Panchita was rescued from Downey animal shelter. She was very old with dental issues and heart issues. She was adopted by a family that lives in Malibu and she currently lives the life of luxury.


Camila came from Carson. She was labeled a biter so no one wanted her. She was a foster fail and adopted by a wonderful family.   She never has taken a bite. What a horrible death sentance.


Airborne now Milo, was a cute little puppy  who was thrown out of a window from a moving vehicle. He sustained some hip injury that he recovered  quickly from. He was adopted by Noelle and her family and a huge golden retriever named NALA. Noelle is in a wheelchair and Milo has become her service dog.


Amy came from Baldwin Park animal shelter. She was adopted all because of online networking.

Stumptown Puppies

These puppies were dropped off in front of North Central when Sabrina was working a shift at her other job. The tv show Stumptown was filming and they were all adopted by crew members immediately.


Grey was put into a cold cage at the shelter one day where Sabrina was visiting getting the dogs exposure. She was so devastated that she kept looking at the ground and could not understand why she was there. We pulled her and an amazing family adopted her. Scott, Andrew and Roses love Grey and she now strutts the mean streets of Beverly Hills.


Chip was surrendered to K911resq along with his brother Dale. There were five puppies due to a backyard breeder situation. They had been starved and were severely dehydrated their entire life. Four puppies died and Chip and Dale were finally surrendered. They were rushed to the vet several times. Chip died in Sabrinas arms that night. Dale is still alive and thriving but was very sick.


Deville was a carson shelter resident for a long time due to having a bite history. He was previously beaten and developed a nipping habit. Hes at a training camp so we can rehab him and train him that not all people are bad.


Audrey was another successful story of social networking.


Romeo was another successful story of social networking.


Daphne was a goldendoodle that was abandoned. Alot of people dont realize how much maintenance these dogs require. So she was left at a friends house. She was adopted by an amazing family that takes her everywhere and loves her so much.


Scully was a seagull with broken wings I saved on my wedding day