Air Ops

A new way to help animals!

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100% of your donation goes to help the animals that we rescue. This usually means paying medical bills, but it also means getting much needed supplies!


This is a new division of our rescue!  We are so pleased to announce that we will be pulling animals from local Los Angeles high kill shelters and then flying them to other places around the country where they don't have as many animals up for adoption and don't have the high kill shelters.  It is very difficult to transport animals to places far away from us, usually needing many transporters to do different legs of the journey and sometimes they can only take a few at a time.  It only works out if someone happens to be taking a long road trip close to the destination we need.  So we are starting Air Ops so that we can rent a larger plane and fly as many as we can at one time.  This way the animals aren't stressed out over a long car ride but only for a few hours in an airplane.


Here's what we need from you:

Volunteer temporary fosters - usually only a couple days from pull to plane.

Pilots around the country that are willing to fly a leg of a particularly long journey.

Volunteers for day of Wheels Up - help us organize with the temporary fosters to get the dogs to the airport and on the plane.

Rescues in other cities to colaborate with

More to come we are sure.  This is a much bigger operation.

Most importantly we need donations to pull and get these animals ready for their trip.  Help us save as many animals as we can in each mission!

Do you want to help?

We need people in the following four categories. If you would like to help us in this amazing mission please click below on what you are able to do for these wonderful animals.  If you are interested in Temporary fostering please click the FOSTERS button below, Pilots interested in volunteering their time for a flight please click PILOTS, Non-Profit Rescues in other cities interested in taking in animals please click RESCUE.